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Pilates is a unique and indivisible system based on an ordered and corrective sequence of exercises which flow from one to the other.  Modifications are available for those that need it but other modalities or random exercises are not required to be added to the system itself as it is cohesive and intelligent and helps the body to repair itself.
Pilates and Yoga share many commonalities and provide our clients with different methods in which to strengthen and lengthen both body and mind.

What to expect at Thrive…


A wide variety of classes are  taught on classical Pilates apparatus. There is a maximum of 3 per apparatus class and a maximum of 6 in mat class. 


We ask that clients arrive 5 minutes prior to class. Grip socks preferred in studio.

To avoid a late fee of $15, please cancel class bookings within 6 hours of the scheduled time.

Private appointments forfeit a visit for late cancellations and/or missed appointments.


This location boasts ample parking, large restrooms that are cleaned twice daily, filtered water fountain and drink / snack machines. 




Stephanie Garner

Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor, Owner

Stephanie worked as a Manager and Account Coordinator for a leading cosmetics company for years. It was during this time a back injury left her with debilitating chronic low back pain. This injury led to 3 back surgeries, over a decade of physical therapy with no relief from the pain. A friend introduced her to Pilates. She began to practice several times a week and after a few short months the relief was so profound, Stephanie had begun to develop a passion for Pilates and knew she had to pass this knowledge onto others.  Stephanie's training included a 600 hour comprehensive teacher training program including the Reformer, Cadillac, Mat, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, TRX, Functional Standing Movement and Myofascial Release with Balanced Body apparatus. For the last 4 years, she has taught Pilates in a contemporary method. While going through her training program, Stephanie’s first teaching job was in a studio that taught the original Classical Method developed by Joseph Pilates. This was different from her first introduction to Pilates and left this nagging feeling that something was missing from her original training. She knew there was so much more to learn and understand about the original teaching method of Joseph Pilates. This compelled her to return to teacher training in the classical method.  Stephanie is currently in the Romana Pilates International training program.

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Ginny Webb

Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor

Ginny first discovered Pilates when recovering from a hamstring repair. She quickly realized it was the perfect cross training regimen to strengthen her core, tone and stretch her body as well as focus her mind. Having a great outcome from practicing Pilates, Ginny became an advocate for the benefits of Pilates and obtained her Mat Pilates Certification from Vitality Studio Method in Atlanta. She is actively working on her comprehensive certification with Joel Cosby at Vitality Studio by learning the original work of Joseph Pilates through Classical Pilates Educational Coursework. Ginny grew up in Columbus, Mississippi and has a BS Degree in Business from the University of Mississippi. After receiving her Masters Degree in Business Administration from Millsaps College she worked in advertising and pharmaceutical sales. Ginny enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. When she is not teaching, she loves hiking, walking her dog (Belle), reading and playing tennis. As an instructor, Ginny has a great appreciation for Pilates adaptability and being able to meet her clients at their current level and create a program to meet their specific personal needs. Ginny has over 600 hours of teaching, training, and study. She has completed Level 1 & 2 of the comprehensive classical Pilates system certification from Joel Crosby of Vitality Method Studio in Atlanta.


Stacy Bazemore

Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor

Stacy is a Peak Pilates comprehensively certified instructor who studied under Sonje Mayo.  She is a National Certified Pilates Teacher. She currently serves as an active instructor with the Authentic Pilates Union, as well as an ambassador for Pilates avatar.

From as far back as she can remember, she was in constant motion. Stacy fell in love with dance and didn’t stop dancing. Her love of dance led her to teaching. At 14, she was a dance teacher assistant and from then on, she was involved with dance in some form. From dancing in college & the NFL, to teaching dance camps for the Universal Dance Association, coaching and choreographing for national champion dance teams, judging competitions and more, she was always dancing or teaching.  She left coaching and stayed at home with my two young children. She ended up teaching preschool, helping with her daughters dance studio, and found that she loved teaching fitness at a local gym. Before long, she quickly realized that she was teaching too many high impact aerobics classes, which eventually lead to a lot of back pain. She did everything possible to manage the pain, and many things would help for a while, but nothing lasted. She thought the only way to not live in pain was to limit movement.  It wasn’t until she started learning the classical Pilates method that she gained control of her body, and could finally live pain free. She learned that movement wasn’t what was hurting her, but faulty movement patterns were, and were the primary reasons for the pain and injuries. She is still in awe at how Pilates can help any person no matter their age, gender, job, sport or lifestyle.

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Gayle Watkins

Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor

Gayle is originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and has called Birmingham home for the last 30 years.  Gayle met her husband in Birmingham and they have two children.  After semi-retirement from the apartment industry, Gayle decided to venture out of her comfort zone and do something that she has always wanted to do. Having the time and with a desire to follow a healthy lifestyle,  Gayle began practicing yoga and mat Pilates and soon graduated to Reformer Pilates.    She was hooked.  She began to see changes in her body, the way she felt and an overall feeling of well-being.  Gayle wanted to share with others the benefits of Pilates and decided to get her teaching certificate.  Gayle is trained in mat Pilates, Exo Chair, Reformer, Cadillac, Spring Board, and Spine Corrector. In addition, she obtained certificates in Reflexiv Yoga Pilates Suspension Method and TRX.  Gayle recently began to explore a classical approach to Pilates to include Joe's Chair, Pedi Pole and Pilates Arm Chair.

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Kristi Thornton

Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor, TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

Kristi is a Certified Pilates Instructor who completed a 500-hour comprehensive Pilates certification program including the Reformer, Cadillac RTC, Mat, Springboard, EXO Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, TRX, Functional Standing Movement and Myofascial Release through Balanced Body.


Kristi is also TPI Certified (TPI Level 1 and Fitness Level 2) and will help you drive the ball farther, improve flexibility and minimize pain.  When Kristi is not training clients, she enjoys playing golf, practicing Pilates, cycling, paddleboarding and spending time with her nephews and her French Bulldogs.

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Sabrina Sabir

Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor

Sabrina’s Pilates journey began prior to her freshman year of college. Eager to find something new, she quickly realized that Pilates was what she needed to rehabilitate her body from a life of playing soccer. This grew into a deeper love for the holistic benefits of practicing Pilates, so she completed a contemporary 600-hour Comprehensive Teacher Training program while finishing her undergraduate degree in Atlanta, Georgia. After finding the true roots of Pilates through the Classical repertoire, she went through a comprehensive Classical “Bridge” program providing her the knowledge of Joseph’s original work and how to apply this from body to body, for optimal physical development. She has specialized training for pre and post-natal bodies. Ultimately, Sabrina believes that through the Classical method, you are truly able to have a complete mind-body connection and is eager to help all people achieve this. 


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