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Pilates is 'a unique and indivisible system' based on an ordered and corrective sequence of exercises which flow from one to the other.  Modifications are available for those that need it but other modalities or random exercises are not required to be added to the system itself as it is cohesive and intelligent and helps the body to repair itself.
Pilates, Barre, and Yoga share many commonalities and provide our clients with different methods in which to strengthen and lengthen both body and mind.

Consistency is Key

At least two times a week allows you to progress at a consistent pace and see visible results.  Joseph Pilates recommended doing it at least three times per week.

"You will feel better in 10 sessions, look better in 20 sessions and have a completely new body in 30 sessions" ~J. Pilates


Your Studio Experience

You can expect the following while at Thrive:

  • We ask clients to maintain social distance and help us follow the guidance from the Health Department.

  • Teachers will be wearing masks and staying 6 ft back from clients while speaking.

  • Hand sanitizer is available and we ask clients to use  some before and after workouts.

  • Additional time will be taken between clients to wipe down equipment & surfaces/door handles/etc.

  • An air purifier that filters recirculates the air 1x per hour is in use 24/7.

  • Bathrooms are wiped down multiple times a day by building management.

  • Please cancel your appointment if you are not feeling well, have a temperature, or otherwise think you may have been exposed to Covid-19. There will be no penalty.

  • In-studio classes are limited to 3 people for apparatus, and 6 for mat/barre/yoga and everyone is at least 6 feet apart.

  • Virtual memberships, Zoom classes and YouTube content is offered as a part of most packages to help everyone keep moving if they cannot be in the studio for any reason. 

Our Methods


Full Body

Pilates is a full body workout. As you move around the apparatus and progress in your practice you will feel better and notice positive changes in your body.


Created by Joseph Pilates who was ahead of his time and truly understood how to work the body to its full potential.


Vinyasa flows connect movement with breath as the mind and body connect to both work the body and calm the body. 


Barre at Thrive is incorporated into our Cardio Mat classes to give you a low-impact HIIT workout.

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