• Individual - $30, in studio and virtual

  • 10 class package- $250

  • Monthly Unlimited, in studio, $199, includes virtual membership

  • Monthly Unlimited, virtual, $75


Virtual classes include Pilates Mat, TRX, Cardio Mat, Myofascial Release, Yoga, plus the addition of any at home apparatus can be included.


Video library will include full classes, plus short targeted workouts with a specific focus of the body.


At home equipment packages available for you to add to your virtual workout.  Includes any of the following with prices available upon request.


  • Pilates Magic Circle

  • Yoga Blocks

  • Weights, light 1-3lbs, and moderate to heavy 5-10lorbs

  • Mat

  • Theraband and/or infinity bands

  • Glyders

  • Foam roller

  • Myofascial release tools