Class Details and Pricing

Let's talk options to see what is right for you

Private Session Details:

  • Book directly on MindBody - or contact us for more availability

  • Email us at or call 205-578-8722 to book and we will work with your schedule.

  • Private instruction sessions can be done at the studio or via MindBody Online or Zoom when you are traveling or have to be home for any reason. There is no excuse not to be moving - so let us come to you.

  • Short videos will be made for at-home work as needed.


Private Sessions (All apparatus available):

  • 50-minute individual - $75

  • 30-minute individual - $40

  • 50-minute duet - $50/person

  • 50-minute trio - $45/person

Private session packages (1 person):

  • Ten 50-minute pack* - $700 (savings of $50)

  • Five 50-minute pack - $362.50

  • Thirty 50-minute pack - $1950


Apprentice Privates (All apparatus available):

  • 30-minute individual - $30

  • 50-minute individual - $50

  • 50-minute duet - $30/person


Class Details

  • Group apparatus classes are limited to 3 clients and everyone will be spaced 6+ feet apart. 

  • Mat, Barre, & Yoga classes can be up to 6 clients.

  • Virtual Memberships are available - see below.

In-Studio Classes  - All Apparatus + Virtual:

  • Individual $30

  • Ten Class Pack $250

  • Monthly Unlimited $199

In-Studio Classes  - Barre/Mat/Yoga + Virtual:

  • Individual $20

  • Ten Class Pack $175

  • Monthly Unlimited $149

Virtual Membership: 

The studio will be offering 1 virtual class per day at 6-7 days a week. Formats include: Mat, Cardio Glow, Yoga, Barre, Suspension, and any apparatus you have at home. The membership includes our Anytime-Anywhere Video Library that includes full 50-minute workouts, 30 minute flows, short P2 Quick Breaks of 8-15 minutes, and targeted work like feet, arms, glutes, abs, etc.

  • Unlimited - $75

  • Single Class Purchase - $15

  • 10 Class Virtual Pack - $150

Anytime-Anywhere Video Library: The studio will be offering access to our video library to all Virtual Memberships, Unlimited Studio Memberships, and Private Clients who spend $200 a month.

At Home Equipment Package: There are some key pieces of at-home equipment that are optional but will enhance your experience. We recommend having the following items and will be happy to put together a package for you or send you links for you to purchase yourself.

  • Pilates Magic Circle

  • 1 set of light hand weights (1-3 lbs) (or water bottles/canned food)

  • 1 heavier weight (5-10 lbs) 

  • set of stretchy loop bands 

  • Theraband (light to medium)

  • a 3/4 inch thick mat 

  • 24 inch long 2x4 (find for free in a scrap pile)

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Experience & Class Descriptions



The “Universal Reformer” , patented by Joseph Pilates in 1924, moves along with your body with the use of springs and pulleys to “ ultimately correct and remove erroneous movement patterns to bring the body into better form and condition!”  Reformer classes help to train your body’s “Powerhouse” by working against resistance to create core strength, agility, flexibility and lean muscle tone!  Bring your body into its best condition so that you can enjoy your life ’s passions!


Curious about yoga? Afraid to try yoga? Already a yogi wanting to increase flexibility? Join us for a multi-level class based on Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. Beginners are welcome as the class will start with the basics, but intermediate and advanced students will also be challenged. Join us in building strength while connecting our minds and body. We will increase our heart rates, strengthen our muscles, increase flexibility and finally, Shavasana (rest) back to center. Yoga is offered in-studio and virtually.


All Apparatus

This is a mixed apparatus class. The instructor may take you from mat to reformer to Wunda chair to tower. The use of different apparatus will be decided by the needs of attendees. Mixed level.



Mat is in the Classical Mat format with exercise variations queued based on skill level, experience, and physical ability. The exercises are designed to warm you up, challenge your range of motion, balance, and strength as you flow through what we call "the work".  You and your body moving through the series. Designed for all ages and abilities. Props such as the Magic Circle, stretchy bands, and light weights are used. Mat is offered in-studio and virtually.


Wunda Chair

This small class with utilize Joe's Wunda Chair. This challenging class with build strength, balance, flexibility and add a new challenge to your Pilates practice. If you have never tried the chair, it is a must to a well rounded pilates practice - you will be surprised at its versatility and challenge.


Beginner System

This is a beginner level class that will incorporate both the classical mat and reformer system. It will teach the basics of the equipment, the order and the transitions of Joe Pilates original system. There will be extra cueing. This is not an "easy" class and it is open to all levels.



Tower classes offer a safe, exhilarating and dynamic flow of exercises that incorporate the Gratz Towers. The "tower" is a wall unit with leg and arm springs, a push thru bar and a roll down bar. All provide resistance and an amazing, strength-building, full body workout that is appropriate for beginner and more advanced students. 



We offer Barre Glow and Classical Barre.
Barre Glow will have a dance cardio element. The ballet barre, weights, balls and band may be used. 
Classical Barre will utilize the ballet barre as the foundation. Use classical ballet moves in a workout format. Weights, balls and bands may be used.

Both styles are designed for all levels and are offered on-site and virtually. 


Baby Chair

Baby chair teaches how to lift and engage our powerhouse with the correct positing of pelvis and spine. Connecting the whole body to the mind to create a challenging portion of your session. It is an original apparatus created by Joe Pilates but it did not go into mass/specialized production when Pilates became widely offered and the reformer became popular. Kathryn Ross-Nash revived the baby chair and we offer this unique challenge currently with Private sessions only.