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While on an apparatus invented by Joseph Pilates, a system of exercises created by Joseph Pilates are performed on the Universal Reformer under the guidance of a certified instructor.  The Reformer uses spring resistance to achieve proper muscle length and strength in the body.  



A focus on the fundamental principles of Pilates using your own body strength and small props are used to perform a sequence of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates.  This class tones muscles, increases flexibility, core strength, more efficient movement patterns and better posture.



A class incorporating the Wunda Chair and small Arm (Baby) Chair.  The Wunda chair uses added resistance to improve strength and stability of the core, spne, low back and pelvis. This was designed to be the first piece of apparatus to use in the home and also doubles as a piece of furniture.

The small Arm (Baby) Chair works on the powerhouse of the core and pelvis while strengthening the upper body.  This is an original apparatus that was not mass produced.



A flowing set of exercises are performed using spring resistance on varying props that attach to the tower unit.  A strong focus on strength, stretch, and breath.  This class will open up the body plus it is ideal for those recovering from injury.



This class uses the TRX system to perform the exercises.  Using your own body strength and resistance improves core strength, balance, flexibility, and strength.





A class incorporating the series of exercises performed throughout the studio on a variety of apparatus.  



Teaches the order and transitions of the system of exercises created by Joseph Pilates.  Class is performed on a variety of apparatus introducing and helping to increase the understanding of how to use each piece. 



Based on Hatha and Ashtanga principles, this class increases strength and flexibility, plus connects the mind and body.

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